Sugar Stunts Weeds: Restoring Woodland Understoreys #2

Cumberoona sugar boundary Aug 2009
Boundary between no sugar (left) and sugar (right) in grazed plots at Cumberoona TSR in August 2009. Paterson’s Curse and Capeweed dominate on the left and Austrostipa on the right

News sheet #2 from the White Box woodland understorey restoration project. This project is developing practical methods to help landholders and managers to restore degraded woodlands.

The following photos show the effects of the field trials in August 2009. The short term effects of sugar addition are especially noticeable. The plots are in two Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) near Albury – Bakes and Cumberoona.

Bakes TSR grazed ungrazed Aug 2009
Bakes TSR – general view of grazed and ungrazed plots (Aug 2009)
Cumberoona Aug 2009
Cumberoona TSR – view from ungrazed, burnt plot to grazed, unburnt plot

Treatment effects are not obvious at this stage. Native spear-grasses (Stipa), Capeweed and Paterson’s Curse are dominant.

Cumberoona grazed no sugar
Cumberoona TSR – grazed, no sugar added (August 2009)

Capeweed and Paterson’s Curse dominate in the plots without sugar.

Cumberoona grazed sugar Aug 2009
Cumberoona TSR – grazed with sugar added (August 2009)

Where sugar was added, spear-grasses and bare ground dominate. Paterson’s Curse and Capeweed plants are small and stunted. This is a short-term effect.

Cumberoona sugar boundary Aug 209
Cumberoona TSR – grazed, boundary between no sugar (left) and sugar (right) treatments (August 2009)

The boundary between the sugar and no sugar plots is very obvious.

A pdf of this newsletter can be downloaded from this link.

Like to learn more?

We’ve kept this news sheet brief, and have left out many details. If you’d like to learn more about the project, please contact us and we’ll be happy to describe the project in more detail.

By Ian Lunt, Suzanne Prober & Ian Cole, August 2009

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