A blogging facelift

Faces in the Trees 2They say one dog year equals seven human years. If so, one internet year must equal half a dozen dog years, everything changes so fast. After two and a half years of blogging, and over 30,000 page hits – a day in the life of a Gangnam YouTube clip – it’s time to spruce up my blog site with a new template (or theme) from WordPress.

If you are reading on a smart phone or tablet, you probably won’t see the change, but for those reading at a PC or laptop, I hope you like the new look. I’ve used a simpler theme, so it’s less cluttered and shows off the text and photos better than the old style did. Hopefully it’ll still look fresh in another year or two on internet time.

Thanks again to the many regular readers for making the investment in time worthwhile. Next story is coming soon. Best wishes Ian

PS. It looks even better if you click on the blogs tab above (or here) and scroll down to see the whole site, as lots of the older posts have been spruced up too.


4 thoughts on “A blogging facelift

  1. I’ll still look forward to the content and not worry so much about the look –
    but then I’m not adverse to a bit of clutter (you should see my house and garden)

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