Watch this video to restore your enthusiasm for restoring your world

Emilys 6 Happy ShovelsTo restore the world we need to re-charge our batteries. We can’t save our climate, soils or biodiversity on a flat battery of despondency. Our governments aren’t going to restore the environment or our confidence – but our communities can.

I avoid posting blogs that simply say, ‘Ooh look, here’s something cool from the internet’ – but you do have to watch this. You’ll love it.

It’s a fantastic video on restoring diverse and productive landscapes across Australia’s agricultural regions. It starts in south-east Australia, flicks across to lessons from Sri Lanka in the middle, and zaps back to Australia for the last third.

The video features more inspirational advocates for rural conservation and restoration than you’ll see in a single show for a long time to come. The production values by SheOak Films are top-notch, so sit back, relax, and be transfixed. You can read more about the video’s production here.

I guarantee this wonderful video will super-charge your batteries with enthusiasm and inspiration more than anything else you’ll find on the internet today.


Many thanks to Emily Rayson for allowing me to manipulate her wonderful photo of a happy shovel to create the top photo mosaic. You can view hundreds of Emily’s gorgeous photos at her Instagram site.

If you enjoyed the video, why not leave a comment below to thank the film makers. They deserve our praise.

APCC10 wide

Don’t miss the 10th APCC conference. This year’s keynote speaker is me. Click on image for details.

In the next blog post, our first ecology quiz for ages. The last one was back in January 2013.

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7 thoughts on “Watch this video to restore your enthusiasm for restoring your world

  1. Is anyone else having trouble seeing it on a Mac? “Invalid meta for Vimeo” is displayed and clicking “use original player option” doesn’t change anything…

    • Hi Dayna, I haven’t heard of any problems. The video plays on Apple iPhones and iPads but I haven’t tried it on a mac. Good luck! Best wishes Ian

  2. Thanks for the post and link Ian. What a great film, the producers deserve congratulations. I’ve highlighted this to all the Restoration Ecology students this semester. Should inspire some interesting discussions.

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