Climate change and natural areas: 90 things we don’t want to lose


It’s a simple philosophy. The things we share are the things we save. The topics we discuss are the topics we deal with. The ideals we neglect? They fade away.

What would you miss the most, if climate change made it disappear from your favourite natural area? That question is asked in the video above. The question is blunt but needs to be discussed. Why? Because we create the world of tomorrow from the thoughts we share today.

To discover what everybody else would miss, I posted the video on Twitter last week, using the hashtag #IWouldMiss. The wonderful responses are collated below. The messages are not at all gloomy. I read them as a statement of commitment and intent. These are the things we will work to save. Enjoy.

#IWouldMiss – Oceans, Beaches, Rivers and Wetlands

Small Island



Hattah Lakes


#IWouldMiss – Birds of Many Colors


blue wren


#IWouldMiss – Healthy, Diverse Ecosystems

Mossy rock 1

Burnt tree


#IWouldMiss – Amazing Critters, Big and Small

Mosses plants


#IWouldMiss – Tall Trees and Colorful Flowers


#IWouldMiss – Nature’s Cathedral

Old Callitris

#IWouldMiss … Everything!


What would you miss the most, if it were to vanish from your favorite natural area?
Please share your thoughts in the comments below. As in the tweets above, short thoughts are best.


Many thanks to everyone who shared their favourite natural things on Twitter. My apologies if I missed any. By the time you read this blog there will, undoubtedly, be more #IWouldMiss tweets on Twitter. I hope this blog encourages even more. The original photo of the red-tailed cockatoos is from Wikipedia and the wren photo is from the web.

Need help to interpret a tweet?

A tweet is message, less than 140 characters long, sent on Twitter. The name of the person who wrote each tweet is shown at the top of each message. The symbol “@” is placed at the start of a person’s Twitter name or address. Thus my twitter address is @ianluntecology, just as my email address is: ianluntecology [at] The hashtag symbol “#” indicates a searchable term on Twitter. All tweets containing the hashtag #IWouldMiss can be easily retrieved, which is how I collated the messages for this blog post.

Photos embedded at the top of a tweet were sent with the tweet. Photos between tweets are mine or are from the web. Hyperlinks like this – – link to a picture or web page. The abbreviation “MT” stands for Modified Tweet, and indicates that the following text was modified from an earlier tweet sent by someone else. So there you have it. If nothing else, the 140 character limit enforces admirable brevity.

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