Who will win the inaugural repeat photo competition?

Before After 2

Have you taken your snaps for the environmental repeat photo competition? If you have, it’s now time to enter.

At the start of the year, I announced a photo competition. The goal was to encourage everyone to get out in the bush and to record changes in their favourite ecosystem. It’s now time to submit your shots and then vote for your favourite repeat photos of 2014.

What type of photos can you submit?

The scope is wide open. You can submit a pair (or more) of ‘before-and-after’ photos that illustrates an ecological change at any scale – from a landscape to a stand of trees or a tiny patch of ground. Both pictures must show the same view, as closely as possible.

The time sequence can be short or long. The two shots can be taken an hour or 100 years apart. You can submit an historical photo taken by another photographer coupled with a repeat photo of the same view that you snapped.

You can even submit a time-lapse video or a camera-trap video if you have one. The only restriction is that all entries must show changes in the environment over time.

Prizes, prizes, prizes

To make it exciting I’ll donate some books from my bookshelf to the winners. If there are lots of entries, winners will be selected for a range of categories.

And don’t forget that you get to judge. All of the submitted photos – and a voting form – will be posted on the blog site, so every reader can vote for their favourite shots.

The timeline is…

  • Submit your repeat photos or videos by Friday 19th December. Please include a short paragraph (less than 150 words) to describe your images.
  • On Sunday December 21, I’ll showcase all of the photos and a voting form on the blog.
  • Voting will be open until Friday 9th January to give everyone time to enjoy the photos over the Christmas–New Year break.
  • On Sunday 11th January, I’ll announce all of the winners.

I have no idea whether 10 or 100 photos will be submitted, so please invite your friends to join in. The more entries there are, the more fun we can all have.

Let’s crowd-source a spectacular series of repeat photographs to show each other – and the world – our beautiful, ever-changing ecosystems.

How to submit?

Please email your photos and descriptive text to me at: ianluntecology [at] gmail [dot] com.

Post your camera-trap and time-lapse videos on YouTube or Vimeo (or similar) and email me the link. I’ll embed the linked video on the blog page. If you don’t know how to do this, let me know and I’ll help.

The submitted photos will be displayed on the blog page for the competition only, and will not be used for any other purpose.

So snap to it and submit your best shots to the inaugural 2014 repeat photo competition!

P.S. Imitation repeat photos, like the Photoshopped image above, are not allowed 🙂

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5 thoughts

    1. Jello Jeff, thanks for writing in. I’m happy to invite photos from across the globe, so please consider submitting a photo pair. Best wishes Ian

      1. “Jello Jeff” – I think I may adopt that as a moniker if I ever take up DJing 🙂

        Thanks Ian, I’ll take a look at some of my Tenerife shots to see if there’s anything suitable.


      2. Ooh I’m going to have to stop replying on my phone aren’t I ! I look forward to seeing your photos, best wishes Ian

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