Tracking Robbie B: Once bittern, twice shy

Flickr Binoculars

Late at night one Thursday in April, Robbie B disappeared. No one knew where he would go or how long he might survive.

Robbie was under watch. Nine days earlier and against his will, he was fitted with a tracking device: a computer chip like those inside the ankle bracelets worn by sex offenders.

Yet Robbie was no criminal. He was less than four-months-old. [Continue reading]

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The “Continue Reading” link above will take you to the full story which is posted at The Citizen web site. Many thanks to Matt Herring and Mark Bachmann for their enthusiastic interviews and to Jennifer Martin,┬áSimon Mann and Ali Winters for helpful edits.

The original binoculars photo is by Stevep2008 on Flickr (Some rights reserved). I have manipulated the colors from the original B&W image.

4 thoughts

    1. Thanks for the link Doc, in case anyone is wondering, the movie synopsis on the movie web site imdb is as follows:
      “A two-man unit is sent to Norfolk to make a short film about the bittern. During their stay poachers attempt to shoot the bird, but their efforts are accidentally recorded by the camera, which provides the evidence necessary for conviction.”

  1. Ian – what a lovely story. Your gift with words continues into your new journalism phase…

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