The nature of podcasts: 10 wonderful stories about the environment

Earplug header image framed

Podcasts may be hip but with hundreds to choose from, how can you find a good one? Where do you find the best podcasts about nature?

It’s your lucky day. Dig out your headphones, plug in and tune out, as we present 10 great short stories about nature, science and the world around us. The emphasis is on storytelling, not education or politics, and none of these episodes could ever be called dull or boring.

You don’t need a new app or software to play these episodes; just click on the big red Play buttons below and enjoy. If an episode does not play on your device, I have added a link to each producer’s web site, where you can stream or download the episode and listen to more great stories. All of the shows are also available on iTunes. [Continue Reading: this post is hosted by Wild Melbourne].


The header photo of ipod earplugs is manipulated from an original photograph on Flickr, taken by Juliana Luz. Some rights reserved.

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