Drawing the essence of a bird: the art of Milly Formby

blackswanprint1I’m always going down to the Swan River here, and I love just walking along the sand and feeling the sand between my toes and walking in the water and looking at the reflection of the light on the water, and the shells and the colours, and wishing that I could capture every tiny little bit of it on paper.

Last month I was privileged to interview three amazing, up-and-coming wildlife artists about their work. “Interview” is perhaps too strong a word as the three artists prompted more insights from each other than I did. Over the next few weeks, all of their stories will be published at the Wild Melbourne web site.

This instalment features the zoological illustrator, Milly Formby, who grew up in West Gippsland and now lives and draws in Perth. Please follow this link to read the full interview. If you are using a phone or tablet, check out this dynamic version, it looks fantastic. I hope you enjoy it.

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