It’s carnival time

In blog world, ‘carnival’ has a special meaning. A blog carnival is a regular blog that features links to blogs on a particular theme. Each ‘issue’ of the carnival is hosted by a different blogger. Blog carnivals are a great way to sample lots of writers. There’s a great description of nature blog carnivals at the Nature Blog Network.

Berry Go Round is a blog carnival ‘devoted to highlighting recent posts about any aspect of plant life from the blogosphere’. Each month, bloggers submit a story to the Berry Go Round web site, and a host blogger then links all of the submitted blogs into one post. Berry Go Round has hosted my blogs in the past, and this month it’s my turn to host the carnival. This month’s carnival is shorter than most, as only three bloggers submitted posts this time. Come on, all you plant, ecology and nature bloggers, submit a blog for next month’s carnival, at the Berry Go Round web site.

The first blog on the Berry Go Round list is one my regular readers will absolutely love. Make sure you read this, as all my efforts (in blogging and conservation) fade into insignificance by comparison. Continue reading