Greatest Hits

Dear reader, this web site contains the blogs I wrote from 2011 to 2015. The blog has now been “put to sleep” and few new posts will be added – mostly occasional links to new stories I write which are hosted on other web sites: like this story on bitterns for example. You can read about why I decided to put the blog to sleep in this post. Please visit my new web site to see my more recent work. The information below is retained for historical reasons and will no longer be updated. Thanks for visiting!

Blogging is a wonderful way to create and consume regular articles and essays. As the number of posts increases, it can be hard to find older posts on a particular topic. To help find relevant posts, I’ve collated many of my posts, and those of other bloggers, in a series of ‘Best of…’ collections (kinda like “Psy’s Greatest Hits”).

I’ve used the program Flipboard to collate posts. Flipboard presents collections of web pages in a graphical way. It’s designed for and looks amazing on iPads and tablets, but also looks great on a PC. It’s simple to use and you don’t need to download a program (or ‘subscribe’ or ‘Get the App’) to use it. Just click the images below to open each Flipboard collection. The collection will open in a new web page.

When Flipboard opens, use the Page Up and Page Down buttons, or Right and Left arrows, on your keyboard to move between pages. On a tablet or mobile device, swipe to turn the page. To open a story, click on it’s heading.

I hope you enjoy the collections. As time goes on, I’ll gradually add new collections on different topics and new posts to existing collections.

My Top 20 Posts

WordPress provides a zillion statistics for bloggers, including how many time each post is viewed. This collection contains my Top 20 – the twenty posts that have been viewed most often. It includes many early essays that aren’t often viewed now. They cover a range of topics and are written in a variety of styles, from ‘popular inspirational’ to ‘formal academic’.

Land of Constant Changes

Over the last few years I’ve written many stories on historical ecology and related topics, especially on how ecosystems have changed since European settlement. This collection includes many of my favorite posts on the history of long-term vegetation changes.

Top 20 Australian Ecology Blogs

In 2013, I collated twenty of my favorite blogs by Australian ecologists. Many of the blogs are by PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. The posts are entertaining, informative and easy-to-read, and cover a wide range of topics, including mammals, plants, birds and insects, the wonders of field work, the challenges of doing a PhD, exciting research findings, and much, much more. Please explore each bloggers’ web page to read more of their great work.

Best Australian Ecology Blogs on Facebook

To enjoy lots more fantastic blogs on ecology and natural history in Australia, visit and follow the Best Australian Ecology Blogs on Facebook. This great page includes heaps of recent blogs by enthusiastic and talented Australian bloggers.