The Projects tab leads to a different page for each of our major research projects.

The Projects / Restore tab contains blogs about our research project on restoring native understorey plants in degraded white box woodlands.

The Projects / Regrow tab contains blogs about our research project on the ecology and biodiversity of areas of natural regeneration in central Victoria.

The Projects / Re-live tab contains blogs about ecological history and historical ecology.

Please note that these tabs may not be visible if you are viewing this page on a hand-held device using the mobile mode view.

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hi Ian, I’m interested to hear from you or other NRM / ecology bloggers regarding exciting projects or initiatives that may be eligible for this year’s Banksia Awards.

    To be eligible the initiative must have recent significance, with results shown over the last two years. Undertaken primarily in Australia. Award success is a great way to promote your achievements, generate marketing activities or fast-track grant applications in future.

    I can be contacted at or via LinkedIn
    Pheona Anderson

    • Hello Pheona , thanks for your message. The Banksia Awards are a great initiative that attract lots of outstanding applicants each year. I hope this year’s pool is equal to those of the past. best wishes Ian

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