Conservation triage: clarity or confusion?


What do you see when we talk about triage? A spreadsheet or a corpse?

Triage is one of the most contentious topics in conservation science. It asks the questions: Which species should we save? Which species should we abandon? Or maybe it doesn’t. That depends on who you talk to. When we talk about triage, we talk about different things.

This short post on the importance of clear communication is hosted on Manu Saunders’ blog site, Ecology is Not a Dirty Word. Continue to read the full story.

Calling all early career ecologists, want to be featured in a blog?

BlogOver the past few years, I’ve enjoyed writing blogs about exciting research by many ecologists and conservation biologists. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spread the word to a large and enthusiastic audience.

I’m keen to promote more work by early career researchers in the future. Recent blogs on fire in the mallee and estimating the cover of plants, for example, were based on fantastic papers by PhD students. Both posts were very popular with readers.

So this is a call to all the early career researchers who read this blog. If you’d like your work featured, please send me an email.

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